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For a soothing effect,a targeted action on the throat!Are you looking for an oral spray for a softening and soothing action on the throat? The spray offers the advantage of a very targeted application. It allows to line the oropharyngeal mucosa directly for an immediate effect.
Based on thyme, Thymospray is appreciated for its softening and calming action on the throat.Thyme has been known since antiquity for its soothing effect on the throat. It is primarily used for soothing sore throats and hoarseness.
This aromatic plant, typical of the Mediterranean regions, has valuable cleansing properties in throat irritations and hoarseness.

Aim the spray at the throat and push on the top part. For optimal effectiveness, avoid drinking or eating immediately after using the spray. This would limit the contact of the active components with the irritated mucous membranes.

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