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Regaine 5 Percent Topical Solution

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Regaine Topical Solution for Hair Regrowth An estimated 8 million men have hair loss problems in the UK. 40% of men will show noticeable hair loss by the age of 35 and 65% by the age of 60. Regaine is for the treatment of hereditary hair loss and works best in men who have been losing their hair for a short period of time. Regaine Men Topical Solution is scientifically proven to help stop and even reverse hereditary hair loss

It helps for the Control of Hair Loss.

Active Ingredient Minoxidil – A clinically proven over-the-counter hair loss treatment. The solution revitalizes and stimulates hair follicles, working deep at the root.

How it works- Regaine Solution works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to hair follicles, helping to strengthen existing hairs, and encouraging thicker hair growth.

3/5 Men Reported Hair Regrowth – Regaine Solution is proven to regrow hair in 3 out of 5 men after 48 weeks.

Visible Results – When using this hereditary hair loss treatment, results can be seen as early as 8 weeks use the product twice a day



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