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Paradox OmegaSchool – Omega 3 chews for kids and teens

Pure & Natural Omega 3 Vitamin D3.

Perfect for growing minds and fussy taste buds.

Great tasting lemon flavour chews.

May support brain & eye development.

From ages 5 -18.

Just one of these clever little lemon chews taken each day contains the natural Omega 3 fatty acids from one portion of oily fish, plus they’re full of antioxidants and Vitamin D3.


Paradox Omega School provides a Clever, Safe and Effective Way of Delivering Essential Omega-3 and Vitamin D to Kids and Teenagers

ADHD, Learning Difficulties and Concentration:  the main components of fish oil: EPA and DHA – may benefit in helping children with learning difficulties and concentration issues.

Asthma:  research suggests that the epidemic of childhood asthma is associated with a change in the Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acid ratio in a child’s diet. Paradox Omega School provides the correct balance of Omega fatty acids, to redress the imbalance that is now endemic in Western diets.

Paradox Omega School has been developed to help a child’s mind and body develop – it can help with brain function and concentration, as well as maintaing general wellbeing and helping protect a child from conditions such as childhood asthma or obesity.


Paradox Omega Oils Ltd

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