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In order to meet the different protection needs of the skin of the whole family, Equilibra® presents EXTRA ALOE DERMO-GEL​​, invaluable help in many cutaneous risk situations, thanks to the high percentage of Aloe Vera (98%) contained in the product.

Since time immemorial considered a real cure-all, nowadays the Aloe Vera plant is subject of numerous studies aimed at proving its beneficial effects in various applications, among which cosmetics.

EQUILIBRA® EXTRA ALOE DERMO-GEL is obtained from cold-processed and cold-stabilized Aloe Vera leaves and represents a precious ally for the skin of the whole family, performing an effective rebalancing and calming action of the skin.

It gives relief to the skin in all cases of skin unbalance and ailment, like redness of the skin folds, relief after-sun and contact with heat sources, gum inflammation, tired and excessively stressed feet, redness from friction or sweat, epilation or shaving.

If applied regularly on healthy skin, it nourishes, refreshes and regenerates it.

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